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Dental Insurance: How it works

We are participating providers with most PPO dental insurances, meaning that we will submit your insurance claims for you and collect payment directly from the insurance company. Your copay will be due at the time of service.

We also want you to be educated on how your insurance works and while we cannot give an exhaustive explanation for every single person, here are the basics.

Dental insurance works differently than medical insurance.

  • Dental insurance can put limitations on the number of exams, x-rays, etc. in a plan year.
  • Dental insurance often limits patients to the cheapest option, even if your quality of life would be greater with a different option.
  • Dental insurances typically have a $1,000 - $2,000 maximum per plan year. Sometimes your treatment may be greater than these maximums.
    • Our doctors are committed to high quality dental care and explaining what they see, not what an insurance company will pay for. We are committed to providing the correct care to each patient, no more no less.

      We are happy to run a complimentary benefits check for you to help you understand what your coverage will be prior to treatment.

      Dental Financing

      We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American express cards. We also offer financing to our established patients as well as prepayment plans that allow you to make automatic payments every two weeks until there is a balance to get started with your treatment.

      Membership Plans: Many people do not have dental insurance. For those individuals we have a specially designed in-house membership plan to provide affordable access to high-quality dental care.

      • No yearly maximums
      • No deductibles or insurance claims
      • No pre-existing condition limitations
      • Immediate eligibility (no waiting period)
      • Plans start at $420 for the year or $38 per month

      Sign Up Now

      Call the office to inquire about our membership plans.

      Prepayment Plans: We can also set up a prepayment plan where you can make payments at regular intervals and when your balance will cover the cost of treatment, you can come in to get everything done.

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