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Dental Restoration in Foggy Bottom

We specialize in advanced dental restoration procedures to repair damaged, injured or decayed teeth and restore your smile. These are some of the common procedures we offer.


Fillings restore teeth that have been damaged by tooth decay. We use a filling to fill the cavity left by decay so your tooth is restored to full function and protected from further damage.


Crowns are a restoration that covers a whole tooth. They are used to protect a tooth that has become weak, or that is too badly damaged to be repaired with a filling. Crowns are a common treatment following a root canal treatment to replace the lost portion of the tooth being treated.


Inlays are used to restore teeth that don’t need to be restored with a crown, but can’t be easily restored with a filling. Inlays are prepared in a dental lab and cemented in place in your tooth. When in place they look similar to a filling.


Onlays are a type of inlay that is used to restore the biting or chewing surfaces of the tooth being restored. They are made from a strong material designed to withstand the enormous pressure chewing places on your teeth.


A bridge is used to restore a missing tooth. Common bridges consist of one or more artificial replacement teeth that are supported by the two surrounding teeth. Bridges not only provide a replacement tooth, but they also stabilize the surrounding teeth, preventing them from shifting into the gap left by the lost tooth.

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