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TMJ Treatment in Foggy Bottom

TMJ stands for temporomandibular joint, which is the soft joint where your lower jaw connects to your skull. The TMJ is a complex joint and can become inflamed, causing a condition known as TMJ disorder or simply “TMJ.”


Common symptoms of TMJ include headaches, earaches, pain while opening or closing your mouth, a “clicking” sensation while you chew, and facial pain.


TMJ can result when the joint is under stress. Common causes include misaligned teeth, stress, clenching or grinding teeth, excessive gum chewing, or injury.

Diagnosis and Treatment

We diagnose TMJ with a dental examination and review of your overall health to determine the source of inflammation. Once the source of inflammation is found we’ll recommend treatment options.

TMJ treatment focuses on reducing the inflammation and addressing its source. Treatments can include anti-inflammatory medication, massage, physiotherapy, orthodontic correction, bite appliances, or stress reduction.

If you suffer from the symptoms of TMJ, contact our office to book a dental examination.

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